Slim-line High Precision Voltage /Current Output Thermocouple DIN Rail Mounted Transmitter

Our new range of slim-line microprocessor based, fully isolated DIN rail mounted transmitters are high accuracy yet low cost and are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. The body is a tiny 6.2mm thick - a huge space saving compared to most other DIN rail models. They can either be supplied factory ranged or alternatively ranged by the end user for specific applications by dip switches on the device. An optional bus adaptor is available enabling hot swapping and requiring only one power supply for multiple units.
  • Provides a 0-5V DC, 1-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 10-0V DC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 20-4mA or 20-0mA output signal
  • Available pre configured in a variety of ranges for thermocouple types K, T and J (thermocouple types E, N, R, S & B settable via dip switch on unit)
  • Fully isolated and Temperature Linearised
  • For DIN rail mounting
  • Tiny Dimensions! (6.2mm x 93.1mm x 102.5mm body)
  • “Hot Swappable” when used with optional bus adaptor
  • CE marked
Fully Isolated & Temperature Linearised
Minimum Span: 100ºC
Power Supply: direct 19.2-30 V DC via front terminals or optional bus adaptor (not loop powered)
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C / +65°C
Accuracy: 0.1%
Cold Junction Error: 1.5°C Max.
Response Time (10..90%): <25 ms
Burnout: Factory set to Upscale, programmable with dip switch
Connection: Push Fit Terminals for quick connection
RFI protected
Slim-line Thermocouple DIN Rail Transmitter - Fixed Range
Order Code Description 1 - 9 10 - 24 25+ Buy
748-506 Type K 0°C/ +200°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-509 Type K 0°C/ +300°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-512 Type K 0°C/ +800°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-515 Type K 0°C/ +1000°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-518 Type K 0°C/ +1200°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-521 Type T -50°C/ +100°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-524 Type T 0°C/ +300°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-527 Type T 0°C/ +400°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-530 Type J 0°C/ +300°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-533 Type J 0°C/ +600°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-536 Type J 0°C/ +800°C $280.00 $255.00 $234.00 Add
748-540 Optional Bus Adaptor (fits up to 2 modules) $24.90 $22.70 $20.80 Add