Flat Film Pt100 Elements

Placed on a ceramic substrate, these laser trimmed Pt100 elements have a variety of uses including measuring surface or air flow temperatures. The measuring point for the nominal resistance of 100 ohms @ 0ºC is taken 5mm from the end of the sensor body. We recommend that any user who is not sure how to use these products should choose a made up 3 wire Pt100 sensor shown elsewhere in this catalogue.
  • Nominal resistance: 100 ohms at 0ºC, 138.5 ohms at 100ºC
  • Tolerance Classes available: B or A to IEC 60751 : 2008
  • Temperature range: -70ºC to 500ºC
  • Dimensions: 2mm long x 2mm wide x 0.4mm nominal thickness (excluding the blue lead attachment part)
  • Leads: 10mm long (resistance value taken at 5mm from sensor body)
The following types are available:
Flat Film Pt100 Elements
Order Code Description 1 - 9 10 - 24 25+ Buy
578-090 Class B $16.70 $15.20 $14.00 Add
578-093 Class A $18.60 $17.00 $15.50 Add