Rapid Response Polyimide Self Adhesive Thin Film Thermocouple

These thin film polyimide self-adhesive type K thermocouples are ideal for applications where either a very fast response is required or you need to place the sensor between two touching surfaces, where the sensor needs to be wafer thin. These sensors are just 0.13mm thick at the sensing part with a temperature range of -40 to +250°C. They can be applied to and detached from various different surfaces and are supplied in packs of 5. There are two versions available; a standard width of 6.7mm x 107mm long and a narrow version which is 2.3mm wide 67mm long, then 6.7mm wide by 40mm long, as shown in the image above. Both versions have a 7mm long adhesive section at the sensing tip. The separate silicone rubber cable with integral connector should be purchased along with the thermocouples, which allows the fine terminations of the sensor to be easily attached to the cable.
  • Response time (t95): 0.08 seconds
  • Wafer thin design
  • Best suited for applications for inserting between two touching surfaces or where an ultra-fast response is required
  • Dimensions: Standard Version: 6.7mm wide x 0.13mm thick x 107mm long Narrow Version: 2.3mm wide 67mm long, then 6.7mm wide by 40mm long
  • Supplied in packs of 5
  • A connecting cable is supplied separately and is fitted with an integral socket for connecting to the fine terminations on the sensor body
Rapid Response Polyimide Self Adhesive Flat Film Thermocouple
Order Code Description 1 - 9 10 - 24 25+ Buy
402-760 Pack of 5 Type K Standard Version $144.00 $133.00 $123.00 Add
402-765 Pack of 5 Type K Narrow Version $206.00 $189.00 $175.00 Add
402-790 1mtr Cable with Integral Connector* $71.70 $66.00 $61.00 Add
  *At least one unit should be purchased for the above sensors
724-102 Type K Miniature Plug $4.20 $3.90 $3.60 Add